Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer

Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer – Claire & Daniel

“Why wait? Let’s start our life together straight away!” Claire and Daniel had decided together after getting engaged, you see, after a chance meeting at a church camp, both Claire and Daniel knew there was a spark there and they wanted to get to know each other more. However there was a slight problem, they lived 1000 km’s away from each other (yep two separate states), so decided to give a long distance relationship a go………that meant looooots of skype dates. It certainly wasn’t easy but they made it work.
Once Daniel proposed to Claire they decided they wanted to get married straight away. Claire and her amazing mother went into full wedding planning mode. -Claire emailed me a week after her and Daniel got engaged, talk about being a ninja planner! They actually managed to organise a wedding in under 3 months, talk about wowsers!! All this while Daniel was in QLD where Claire had to relay all the information back to him. It sure was a massive effort.

They managed to plan the most beautiful wedding in the Blue Mountains and we were definitely so lucky to have the most loveliest spring day too. Claire and Daniel were married in the very quaint St Andrews Presbyterian Church, we visited Wentworth Falls Lake and Lincoln Rock (Flat Rock) for some seriously amazing photos followed by with their reception at the Palais Royale in Katoomba.

They are definitely proof a long distance relationship can work, they are now happily living together in QLD (I feel this is sounding like a fairytale….. which I guess in some ways it is!) If you are after a Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer or are even thinking of a couples session somewhere in our beautiful mountains then please get in contact with me, I would love to hear from you! 🙂

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