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Floral Silk Ribbon – The Coterie

I’m super excited to share something really special that my amazingly talented florist friend has started. She has started making hand dyed floral silk ribbon for bouquets. When she shared with me what she had been making I couldn’t hold my excitement! Finally now in Australia you can get beautiful silk flowy ribbons to compliment your bridal bouquet…… say what!? Before it was SO hard to be able to get it into the country (AmericaΒ I love you as you have the most beautiful wedding items but being across the ocean makes it so, so hard, especially finding someone to deliver).

Now when you’re planning your wedding in pinterest and you do see a bouquet you love with ribbon, you will be able to imagine exactly how it will look like. You can ask your florist to organise to put them on the bouquets or simply purchase directly from The Coterie Ribbons store on Etsy here.Β 

When my friend gave some samples to me to show me what she had been up too since we last caught up, I couldn’t help myself but photograph them! They are so soft and beautiful to the touch and to think of the workmanship involved to create them is truly amazing. As a photographer, when you have your beautiful flowers wrapped in flowy ribbon, it sure makes for the most beautiful images -I am a little biased as I LOVE ribbon on flowers, but when you have the mix of an amazing wedding image and the ribbon on the flowers starts catching the wind with the veil (we’ve all seen those beautiful and romantic images I’m sure!) then you know you’re on to something good!

The best part too is that she makes all different colours to suit your style, talk about awesome πŸ˜€ If you are after some recommendations for florists or would like me to photograph your next event or milestone, get in touch here, I would love to hear from you! πŸ˜€

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