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Hawkesbury Photographer – Zen Jar Yoga Studio

I have a confession to make: I actually like Yoga now……. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do yoga and by no means am a “yogi” in the slightest. (“did you say yogi as in the frozen yogurt?”)…. Don’t get me wrong, I did “try” to like it and even went to a few different classes. The problem with me was that I could never get the breathing right, I would get all overwhelmed, not be able to keep up “you want me to twist what way!?”. I know there is no judgement in yoga, but when you are sitting next to someone who has been doing it for 20 years it can get a little daunting. So I just simply decided “You know what? Yoga just isn’t for me”.

Insert Chantelle. I met Chantelle through one of her group training sessions at the local park. She not only does group training but she teaches yoga. One day she convinced me to try her yoga class “there’s no turning you into pretzels, it’s super simple and aimed at beginners” so she claims…… “alright” I mutter not very convinced but I still give it ago. I actually get through the class not feeling overwhelmed and feel amazing afterwards…… “how did she manage to do that!? -And there were no pretzel shapes either! Amazing!” I thought. Dammit, she now has me hooked!

For the past year I have been doing Yoga with Chantelle and it has honestly been amazing (I never thought I would say that about yoga of all things!?) She has very excitedly opened up a new Yoga studio called Zen Jar, next door to cartridge world in Windsor N.S.W. I took the pleasure in taking some photos as a local hawkesbury photographer for her new website, which looks amazing by the way! Her yoga studio is just a dream to be in with so much history attached to it.

Chantelle does classes everyday expect Sunday during the day as well as night time if you work full time. One of my favourite part of the classes is the relaxation time (go figure lol) We get to lie down with pink fluffy blanket, an eye pillow and simply switch for 10 mins, (it’s totally still classed at working out! πŸ˜‰ ) Click here to contact Chantelle at Zen Jar to check out timetables or to book a yoga session. If you would like your own local Hawkesbury Photographer for a session you may have in mind click here to get in touch! πŸ™‚

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These babies are my best friend! πŸ˜€

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